Introducing the Navigating Hybrid Work template series

We are in the age of hybrid work.

When implemented effectively, the flexibility and inclusivity of hybrid structures result in higher employee engagement, a stronger sense of belonging, and productivity boosted by 40% or more—it’s no wonder why more than 80% of company leaders have reported plans to implement hybrid models going forward.

However, hybrid models are not one-size-fits-all. Hybridity exists on a spectrum: While some companies will only have a handful of remote team members, others will emphasize distributed work as their main working style, and there will be companies operating from everywhere in between.

For leaders, this is a critical moment. It’s an opportunity to reimagine, design, and articulate a hybrid workflow tailored to your team’s one-of-a-kind specifications.

We’re releasing a special Flight Template series, Navigating Hybrid Work, designed to equip leaders and their teams with strategies and frameworks proven to drive better collaboration in hybrid environments.

This 15-template series is designed to help leaders and their teams navigate the hybrid environment successfully, whether your team is already working in a flexible arrangement or it’s just getting started. From company-wide decision-making and team-specific management, to onboarding and culture-building, this series is built to strengthen your managerial toolkit with detailed strategies that will help you sustain a strong hybrid strategy.


This series combines the expertise of seven industry leaders:

  • Founder and CEO of Thrive Global, and founder of HuffPost Arianna Huffington
  • Organizational psychologist and bestselling author Adam Grant
  • founder Scott Kurnit
  • VMware CMO Carol Carpenter
  • Lumen's Director of Sales Robert Krauss
  • Researcher and professor of technology and operations at Harvard Business School Frances Frei
  • Author and executive founder of The Leadership Consortium Anne Morriss

Balloon users can access and run any of the 15 templates in whatever order they choose. While the series is not strictly sequential, it is organized thematically into four parts.

High-Level Restructuring

These four templates focus on the high-level restructuring—practical and cultural—of an organization that is necessary to consider when implementing and iterating on hybrid work.

Reimagining the Role and Culture of Management

These two templates are designed to spark innovative thinking about how executives and leadership must adjust to best lead in a hybrid environment.

Operationalizing New Management Practices

With a focus on leading with trust and empathy, these four templates will help set revised expectations for your new hybrid environment and ensure everyone is aligned before moving forward.

Addressing Individual Functions

The final five templates highlight particular elements of the marketing, engineering, sales, and onboarding functions that should be readdressed.

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Check out the Navigating Hybrid Work Template Series

Designed to help leaders and their teams navigate the hybrid environment successfully.