Meet your team where they are with shortlinks

Even before the widespread transition to remote work, the right digital tools were vital to any modern company’s success. User-friendly platforms that facilitate communication, project management, file sharing, and remote meetings are extremely useful, but Balloon solves a problem that isn’t solved by any of those tools: collaboration that generates true and actionable ideas and answers by eliminating everything that gets in the way—the group dynamics, biases, and fears.

Of course, those other tools—Slack, Zoom, Notion, Microsoft Teams, and so on—are extremely useful and valuable. Chances are, your team, like ours, is already using them, and they're a vital part of your workflow.

We know Balloon is valuable, especially now, as teams are asking and addressing new, complex questions. So we built an easier way to use Balloon alongside products your team relies on.

This update will allow your team to jump into a flight straight from your other collaboration tools using a shortlink. Now, you can meet your team where they are, and harness the power of Balloon without skipping a beat.

A shortlink is automatically generated when you create a flight, and it allows you to incorporate Balloon seamlessly into your existing workflow.

Use any chat function—in Zoom, Teams, Messenger, and more—to send a shortlink invitation to a flight. Anyone with the shortlink can join (even halfway through a flight!), ensuring no team member is left behind.

shortlink 1

You can also drop a shortlink into Slack to tell your team it's time to start the flight.

shortlink 2

Or, you can share a shortlink in advance by setting it as the meeting location in a calendar event.

shortlink 3

When we built Balloon, we didn’t simply try to recreate in-person feedback and brainstorming meetings. Instead, we’re tackling the problems that already existed in those face-to-face interactions, and we're moving toward a safer, better workplace culture with every update.

The bottom line is, we want to help you grasp and utilize true insights from your team as easily and efficiently as possible. Balloon is at your service—now, even faster with shortlinks.