Our Values


At Balloon, we believe that the pursuit of truth is now more important than ever. In fact, giving companies the ability to discern what is true is so vital to our mission that it became our mantra: Guided By True. And to be Guided By True requires transparency, so we’d like to share our values publicly.

To us, “true” is honest, accurate, precise. At work, it has the power to drive organizational innovation, productivity, and success, but it’s often hidden behind cognitive biases, group dynamics, and fear. Balloon fundamentally changes how teams share information so that they can minimize these limitations and make better decisions. It creates a safe space for sharing by amplifying voices equally and evaluating input based on merit. This removes the biases, the group-think, the fear of failure—so teams are guided to true, by true, and toward growth.

At Balloon, four key values drive everything we do.

  1. Leadership. We define new ways to lead.
    By transforming the way input is shared and evaluated, Balloon helps to solve systemic organizational issues and empowers leaders to unlock the full potential of their team. We believe that this is the essence of true leadership: Enabling others to do and be better.
  2. Inclusion. We make space for every voice.
    When teams are composed of uniquely varied individuals, organizations benefit from a greater range of ideas, skills, and perspectives. And when all of those voices are heard and treated equally, organizations thrive. It’s proven by research, and it’s why we believe it’s so important to create a safe space for everyone to be seen, heard, and valued.
  3. Efficacy. We drive better outcomes.
    Our focus is on helping teams achieve unprecedented results. It's what inspires us to continue innovating, to invest the time and thinking where others might have quit. Our passion for solving problems is why we emphasize reliability, collaboration, and dedication—because that’s what it’s going to take to create real change.
  4. Integrity. We act on our values.
    Balloon helps organizations pursue "true," and it’s no different for us. Each day, we renew our commitment to be principled, ethical, transparent, and honest. Integrity permeates every aspect of our organization, from how we interact with partners to how we treat one another. By consistently upholding our integrity, we continue to build trust, loyalty, and stronger teams—for our users, and for ourselves.