Balloon Team Spotlight: Paula Mallol, Front-end Developer

What is your role at Balloon?

I am a front-end developer. I work building new features and tweaking the Balloon interface users interact with. My job is to make sure that the web app and marketing site look as close to the designs as possible and that they work as expected too, of course!


What’s your background?

Visual Arts. I studied sculpture at university in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I got hooked with a subject where we coded in Processing (, a language built for the art community. I had already learned the basics of building a website when I was a kid playing Neopets and later modifying mySpace pages (hello 2000s!), and it wasn't until I finished high school that I started making websites for friends of friends and artists I knew. I entered the software industry as a Tester/QA and learned a lot about how apps are made, but I quickly knew I wanted to code so I studied hard to actually work as a developer.


Why did you want to join Balloon?

I love Balloon's innovative purpose and its impeccable design! After working for several years in a "software factory"—where you are involved in many projects at the same time with different tools and clients—I was ready to make a change of environment and Balloon was a great fit. I really enjoy working on this product from start to finish, and being able to be on top of even the smallest detail.


Why is Balloon’s mission important to you?

Being a woman in the tech industry can be challenging. I truly believe a product like Balloon is great for leveling up the field and making sure unheard voices come into the surface. I am a Balloon user myself—here at Balloon—and it feels exhilarating to see it work firsthand. Because English is not my first language, I can get a bit nervous when speaking and trying not to make any mistakes, so I love the fact that I can also contribute to the company by taking my time writing lots of balloons 🎈.


Describe something outside of work that you’re passionate about.

My love for sculpture and ceramic still burns, but I must say I truly enjoy traveling and meeting friends all around the world. I've been lucky enough to go to Japan a year before the pandemic and I loved it.


What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Climbing Mount Fuji!

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What is your greatest fear?

Hating new music as I get old.


Who are your real-life heroes?

People with a great sense of humor that make me laugh.


What do you hate?

Stepping in a loose sidewalk tile on a rainy day in Buenos Aires.


What is your current state of mind?

Peaceful and excited for all the new things that are ready to be launched in Balloon!